Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Mohila Technical Training Centre

Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training


Welcome To SFMMTTC



Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Mohila Technical Training centre is inaugurated in 2001 by our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, MP under a development project named -"Established 11 Technical Training Centre in old 11 districts and 01 Women Technical Training centre in Dhaka" to the development of economical and social status for the nation through producing skill women worker for global competent workforce with the financial assistance of Government of Bangladesh and technical assistance of BMET.

This Technical Training Center (SFMMTTC) is the only government women technical training centre in Dhaka and first in the country. The prime objective of this Technical Training Center is to produce national and international standard skill female manpower for local and global market.


Administrative Ministry

Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment.


Administrative authority

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET).



  • Area                                 : 02 Acres.
  • Trades                             : 06 Nos.
  • Workshops                     : 23 Nos.
  • Computer Lab               : 03 Nos.
  • Class rooms                   : 12 Nos.
  • Dormitory                      : 01 No.
  • Job placement cell        : 01 No.
  • Yearly Capacity             : S.S.C and Short trade course – 1240.

                                                     Others course (House Keeping, Pre-departure, etc.) - as per demand.

  • Manpower                     : 64 (Instructional – 33)



SFMMTTC is located at Technical morh, Mirpur road, Darussalam, Dhaka - 1216. The campus has well equipped Computer Labs, workshops, including a library, Science Lab and Medical facilities.



Computer :

There are 02 Computer Labs.

At present computer trade offers 06 months duration 01 core course and SEIP sponsored 360 hours duration 02 special courses.


Architectural Drafting with Auto-CAD :

There is 01 computer LAB, 01 Large Drafting room and 02 Theory rooms.

Presently this trade offers 02 core course - 02 years duration SSC (voc) and 06 months duration short trade course.


Garments Manufacturing :

There are 02 workshops.

At present this trade offers 06 months duration 01 core course and SEIP sponsored 360 hours duration 02 special courses.


Electronics :

There is 01 Electronics LAB and 02 Theory rooms.

Presently this trade offers 02 core course - 02 years duration SSC (voc) and 06 months duration short trade course.


Dyeing Printing and Block Batik :

There is 01 workshop and 02 theory room in this trade.

Presently this trade offers 02 core course - 02 years duration SSC (voc) and 06 months duration short trade course.


House Keeping:

There are 04 workshops and 04 class rooms in this trade and now running 30 working days duration housekeeping (residential) course and SEIP sponsored City and guilds accredited 520 hours duration Certificate in Accommodation Services course. There is also 30 days duration course with residential facilities.



  • Sufficient Class rooms and Workshops.
  • Sufficient Skilled Trainers including guest trainers from industry.
  • Sufficient supply of pure Drinking waters.
  • Library Facilities.
  • Primary Medical Facilities.
  • Sufficient Wash room.
  • Internet with Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Free Text book for SSC vocational course.
  • Scholarship/Stipend for every Student of SSC (voc), Regular and Sponsored courses.



Need basis training program form to produce skill female manpower is the primary focus of SFMMTTC activities. Training programs are designed to Serving quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for producing skill by changing the attitude, creating leadership quality, improving the quality to work in a socially and culturally diverse workplace of the trainees. The centre conducts 02 types Core courses in 06 course trade course and 10 types special course. Some of the courses are sponsored by different project. The courses are:


      1. Core Courses

      a. 02 years duration S.S.C. (Vocational) Course (Class IX and X).
      b. 06 months duration Short trade course.


      2. Special Courses

             a. 06/04/02 month’s duration short course.

             b. 30 working day’s duration short course.

             c. 03 days duration pre-departure course.


      3. Sponsored Courses

             a. SEIP -

                   i. Graphics Design.

                  ii. Web Design.

                 iii. Mid Level Supervisor.

                 iv. Sewing Machine Operator.

                  v. Motor Driving with basic maintenance

                 vi. Certificate in Accommodation Services (City& Guilds, UK).




SFMMTTC has a linkage with different types Manufacturing Company related with Training programs of this institute. There is a placement cell of 05 members and the cell is responsible for increasing industry linkage, Job placement, arranging guest speaker, etc.



SFMMTTC starting the digitalization of its services. Registration of the participants, management of the courses, record keeping and evaluation through online is underway in this regards. Registration on the database has been made mandatory for 02 years duration S.S.C. (Vocational) and different short courses. SFMMTTC has installed broadband internet including Wi-Fi technology in the campus for easy access to the internet.



There is a richest library is also available for the trainees, Faculty members and guest teacher. It has sufficient collection of books and journals on emerging from home and abroad.



We have 03 computers Lab which are fully equipped with latest PCs with broadband internet connection. Participants and Faculty members are eligible for using the computer Lab.



The centre has medical section and maintains a clinic with limited medical facilities. Participants are given free medical treatment, prescription and limited items of medicine.



  • Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training issues certificate for short trade course.
  • Bangladesh Technical Education Board conducts admission and certification for S.S.C (Voc) course.
  • City and Guilds, UK for Accommodation Services course.



  • National Skills Development Authority (NSDA)
  • Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)
  • City and Guilds, UK



       02 Months Short course -

            Admission going on for all time

       06 Months Short course -

            December and June

       02 years SSC Vocational -


       30 Days and Pre-departure course -

            Weekly and as per demand (Always)